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Our network

The ARIS card is accepted at petrol stations from the border of China to Portugal. Within our basic network the preferential network operates…
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For customers

For ARIS cardholders – view full details of your refuelling history in the ARIS network, view invoices and payment balance, order new cards, contact ARIS offices...
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Prices & Discounts

We offer individual client discounts, both within our preferential network of petrol stations, and at a number of other selected petrol stations...
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ARIS fuel cards

Buses and cargo motor transport vehicles in Europe and Asia can refuel with diesel on credit by using the ARIS card…
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Freight search engine

Offers of cargo for ARIS customers ...
Legal support & consulting

Legal support and consulting on all matters related to transport in Russia...
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Driver's guide

Each ARIS cardholder receives the book "The ARIS Network Driver's Guide"...
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Request an ARIS card

Contact us / Request an ARIS card.
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